Pacemaker Check

Pacemaker Check


Pacemaker Check

Pacemaker checks are a diagnostic test used by cardiologists to interrogate the current function, settings and battery life of your pacemaker. To perform this test, we will use one of our high performance programmers that will connect wirelessly to your pacemaker. Adjustments to the pacemaker can be performed and the function of the device can be optimised to your personal clinical requirements.


  • Original request form for the test (if provided by your referring doctor)
  • Any concession cards, including valid Medicare and any private health care cards
  • Any details provided to you on the type of pacemaker that you have.


There is no specific preparation required for pacemaker checks.


The appointment lasts for 15 minutes and the whole test will be completed within this time.


  • The test is performed in the presence of an expert electrical cardiologist who will review you and provide you with the results of the test as well as arrange any further testing if needed.
  • The final results of your pacemaker interrogation will be sent to your referring doctor.