Current Projects

Current Projects

Current projects as primary or collaborative investigators:

Breast Arterial Calcification and Cardiovascular Risk

NHMRC funded study evaluating the association between calcification in blood vessels found incidentally on mammograms and the association with future cardiovascular disease.

Association between coronary inflammation using cardiac CT and coronary artery disease

National Heart Foundation funded study to assess whether using cardiac CT can detect inflammation – the basis of developing coronary artery disease – and if this can predict future heart attack.

Catheter Based Treatment of Mitral Regurgitation

We are leading a number of trials evaluating minimally invasive treatments to restore leaking heart valves without the need for open heart surgery.

Stroke Prevention in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Our cardiologists lead the catheter based valve replacement program at Monash Health. Patients undergoing this may be suitable for enrolment in a trial evaluating the placement of filters in the arteries leading to the brain during the procedure to capture any debris and reduce the risk of stroke.