Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

An Ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) provides frequent measurements of blood pressure over a 24 hour period to provide cardiologists with a detailed assessment of your overall blood pressure control. This investigation is widely used as the reference standard for accurately monitoring blood pressure and can mitigate against the effect of ‘white-coat’ syndrome that is frequently observed in medical practices.


  • Original request form for the test (if provided by your referring doctor)
  • Any concession cards, including valid Medicare and any private health care cards
  • List of current medications


  • Ensure you wear loose and comfy clothing.
  • Please wear a wide fitting short sleeve t-shirt, blouse or top to allow proper fitting of the blood pressure cuff.
  • Consider showering/bathing before the appointment, as you will be unable to do so for the duration of the recording (usually 24hrs)


  • The appointment lasts for 15 minutes and the monitor will be fitted to you during this time.
  • Instructions will be provided to you on the day of how to return the monitor to us.


The final results of your blood pressure monitor will be sent to your referring doctor within 24 hours of the test being performed.